Tuesday, May 26, 2015

When you see what He Does To these Ribs, You'll Never Cook Them The Same Again

When he chopped up the bacon, my heart skipped a beat!

He Poured Beer Over Some Ribs And Added Bacon For An Epic Result --OMG

     Ribs are like a gift from the meat Gods, if you ask me. no matter how you cook 'em, they're going to be the perfect mixture of juicy, savory, and a little bit messy (okay, a lot messy). But never before have I seen a recipe quite like this one by the BBQ Pit Boys. They take thick-cut bacon, beer, and barbecue sauce and make the most epic ribs I've ever encountered.

I should warn you though...before you click play, you may want to go out and buy the necessary ingredients so you're prepared to recreate this meal.

If you made it through that whole video without drooling all over your keyboard, you're a bigger person than I. Sure, these may send me to an early grave, but at least I'd be able to say I really lived.


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