Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This Homeless Dog Wandered The Streets For Years - And Hid A Horrifying Secret The Whole Time (Video)

Dr. Matt at Vet Ranch Rescue has done it again! This homeless, middle-aged pup looked just fine on the outside, but was going to the bathroom a little too often. Just as a precaution, the veterinarian took some x-rays, and upon further inspection, it was clear that something was very, very wrong.

Is that a bar of soap?

No, it's a bladder stone that's been forming most likely for years.

A bladder stone is an accumulation of chemicals produced by the body.

It was the biggest stone Dr. Matt has ever seen, but the surgery was successful!

Nice work, Doc!

You can watch the surgery and recovery here (note: it's a little graphic at points).

This charming little lady wouldn't have been able to undergo a pricey surgery if it weren't for the generous donations to Vet Ranch Rescue. You can make more happy endings like this possible by making your own contribution. Follow Dr. Matt's pup-saving adventures on Facebook.

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