Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Man And His Dog Would've Never Been Famous If His Wife Hadn't Left Him

His Wife Left Him With Nothing But Their Dog...Now They're Famous

Rafael Mantesso, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, had a really rough 30th birthday. Instead of having a super-fun party celebrating the end of the most confusing decade of one's life, his wife left him. She took everything from the apartment: the furniture, the cookware, the art that hung on the walls...but she did leave one thing behind...

That "thing" would be Jimmy, Mantesso's bull terrier.

The two of them have come a long way since that birthday...

And it's all because this dog-dad decided to do some doodling during a pup nap one day.

With all the walls left white...

The whole apartment was literally one huge photo studio.

...And these two took full advantage of it!

He started documenting these adorable photos on his Instagram account...

And in the blink of an eye, he had over 280,000 followers.

People around the world fell in love with these simple but captivating line drawings.

Not to mention the adorable pup who starred in them!

Eventually, Mantesso had taken enough awesome pictures to put a book together!

Have I mentioned that Jimmy has become a fashion icon, too?

Because his namesake, Jimmy Choo, caught onto his good looks and unique style...

And created a whole line of handbags and doggie collars featuring Mantesso's artwork.

But in the midst of all his celebrity, the two are still the best of friends.

Jimmy loves to be the life of the party...

Often interrupting Mantesso's phone calls by bringing him toys or crying for attention.

On the other hand, if he's in the mood for a nap, and dad is trying to watch TV...

The pup will beg for some peace and quiet!

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