Wednesday, June 3, 2015

24 Reasons Why Two Pets Are Way Better (And Much More Adorable!) Than One

Sometimes, having someone to just sit and watch TV with you is all you need to brighten your day. Even if you're not exchanging words with your pal, it's nice to know they're by your side. This applies to kitty TV, too, aka watching birds through the window. Cats and pups enjoy the company of cute companions just as much as people do, and they deserve to have someone to hang out with!

These guys are proof that two is definitely better than one.

1. When they roll in their own least they're cute when they take a bath together!

2. Puppy playtime is always better with two babes.

3. Two wrinkly lumps of fur are definitely better        than one.

4. Not sure if that's a look of love or mania...but either way, they make each other's lives interesting!

5. One in sepia, and one in black and white , no need to filter this photo.

6. Four giant puppy paws trotting on the hardwood floors just isn't enough.

7. For that one spot she can never seem to reach on her own.

8. Bird watching is much more fun with a buddy!

9. "The last time you used this, it smelled for days, mom."

10. Nope, you're not seeing double.

11. Separating these two would be un-American.

12. "You take her, too, or I'm staying."

13. "You wanna go pee on mom's bed?" "Sure, why not?"

14. Every king needs a queen!

15. Age means nothing to these two.

16. A puppy pillow is much better than any other pillow.

17. People aren't the only ones who like to spoon!

18. However, butt to butt is good, too.

19. "I just wanna eat you right up, bro!"

20. Who wouldn't want to wake up to this love fest every morning?

21. ...Or this?!

22. Road trips are better with an "I spy" bud!

23. "We were just talking, I swear!"

24. Puppy kisses are epically better.

Who could ever separate these cuddle babies? They'd be heartbroken if they ever had to leave their brother or sister. If you're thinking of adopting, consider looking for two buddies to take home together...If you're going to care for one pet, you may as well have two! They'll keep each other busy!

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